At this moment, nobody knows what, when and how things will go after the lockdown, airspace opening and measures elimination.

We haven’t received any official information yet if the visitors will have to stay in quarantine after arriving to The Gambia. And if yes, for how long and which accommodation places will be accepting those visitors.

But we do know that people are asking us every day about the names of the accommodation places, restaurants and local tour agencies which have already reopen or will reopen with permission of the government after the lockdown and as soon as it is safe for all, and of course The Gambia is accepting visitors again.

Our “green season guide” which was the most visited page on our website last year, hasn’t reached the intention which it could if unexpected situation wouldn’t stop the whole world. Therefore, we offer a helping hand to all tourism related businesses in The Gambia by creating FREE guide of places which are or will reopen after the lockdown so visitors will not struggle to book accommodation, look for an open restaurant and find a toursit guide to explore our beautiful country.

We believe this new beginning is coming soon so we are willing to work hard on updates, offer support and help to reach wider exposure. We think it’s very important to stay positive, to focus on bettering the areas of our businesses that are usually a little neglected due to lots of daily logistics, so we want to motivate and inspire you all to look at the bright side of the situation that tends to paralyze the majority of the world right now and leaves us with empty spaces and some more free time.

We would also like to use this opportunity to connect with all tourist and also local businesses in The Gambia so we can mutually promote and support each other to get recognised in the big picture of Gambian tourism.

When the situation gets better and we are allowed to gather at public places and host our guests again, we want to see you all ready and set with your offers/services.

We also intend to work on other worldwide platforms to promote The Gambia as a top tourist destination. And you are on board with us as a cocreator of our smiling coast.

We wish you a flourishing business and we hope our joint efforts will have a positive effect on your future, as well as on the future of the Gambian tourism as a whole.

Stay connected, be healthy, positive and proactive.