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Our web site is created with a vision to have all tourist information about our smiling coast collected at one place, so we promote interesting places, activities, businesses and events in The Gambia. We also want our action to expand and stretch Gambian tourist season throughout the whole year to help businesses thrive with no income shortages.

With our great intention to help you to easily find people and places in The Gambia, especially by highlighting amazing individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses based in The Gambia, we keep on improving our services.

Now, here is a new tool coming soon for you!

You will be able to use our secured platform for accommodation and adventures ONLINE BOOKINGS at our contracted partners and make ONLINE PAYMENTS through MyGambia’s branch based in Europe. It was essential to establish a European branch to assure wider range of secured payment methods. PayPal, credit/debit cards or bank transfer to MyGambia’s European bank account will be available. All your transactions made in Europe are protected by EU directive and regulations for payment services in the EU.

All displayed and available accommodation places will come with full information package about the place and location together with virtual tours, photo galleries, aerial shots, presentation videos and special, attractive video effects. We will work individually with you as there will be no automatic system. Think about us as your personal assistant in The Gambia.

As we live here, we will personally visit every and each place promoted on our website and provide the promo material captured with our own equipment by our staff.

If you are a friend of The Gambia and you know places we don’t, please let us know.

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